• Where Have All The Old Computers Gone And Where Are All The Analog Tvs?

    When you threw out your analog signal TV fifteen years ago, did you wonder where it was going? How about that old six-pound laptop you had way back in college in the '90's? If you did not keep them, sell them, or try to give them away, they went into an electronics recycling plant. After e-waste was taking up too much room in city dumps and county landfills, laws were passed around the country that e-waste (which is not biodegradable), had to be recycled.
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  • Separating Scrap And Components From Computers

    Old computers are treasure troves for scrappers and computer enthusiasts alike. Between resale value for used parts and recycling rates with scrap metal buyers like United Scrap Iron & Metal Co, there are many different ways to get extra money from used or even broken systems. Here are a few computer component and scrap material points to help you maximize recycling profits or find components still worth selling. What's Wrong With The System?
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  • Recycling Laptops, Desktops, And Their Components

    It's illegal to throw away electronic waste with the general trash or on the curb in many states, but why would you? In addition to protecting the environment, you can make a pretty decent wad of cash back as you take your old systems to a recycling professional. If you're not sure what's worth recycling in your systems, here's an overview of different computer types and components to know what you may have on hand.
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