Organization Tips For Dedicated Recycling Enthusiasts

Posted on: 14 July 2018


If you are serious about recycling everything in your home, you will need to get organized. It is very tempting to just toss everything you no longer need in the trash, but it is much harder to separate everything every day and put the reusables back to good use.

Know What to Bring

The first step in recycling is to find out what your local recycling facilities will accept. There might be certain types of plastics that they do not want. Also, find out the form they want the plastics to be in and how to deliver your plastics. In some cases, a blue recycling truck may come to pick up your recyclables. In other cases, you may need to take them yourself.

Have a Place in Your Home for Recycling

Recycling your plastics begins with having an area where each recycling item can be put in its proper place. This is especially important if you do not live alone and you have to worry about the recycling habits of your family members.

An easy way to store your recyclables is to have a pegboard. This will make it easy to hang cloth bags that you can place all sorts of things in. When it is time to remove your recyclables, you will find it easy to carry them in the bags.

Avoid creating piles or stacks. These will become places that will attract pests, and you may find it more difficult to find the items you intend to recycle when you simply stack them somewhere.

Another great thing about having a separate room is that you can easily determine which plastics are ready to be recycled. You must rinse out all of your plastics before recycling them. In some cases, you may need to break your plastics up.

Label Reused Plastics

For the plastics that you intend to reuse, label them with a label maker. It's harder to forget that you intend to reuse a plastic bottle when you have labeled it with the exact purpose you intend to use the bottle for. 

When your children are helping you with the recycling project, make sure to use colors and symbols to help them identify what recyclables are supposed to be put where. The best time for someone to learn a love of recycling is when they are children, and small children have a much easier time understanding symbols and colors.

For more information on scrap plastic recycling, contact your local recycling professionals.