Tips To Help Make Scrap Metal Recycling A Priority In Your Household

Posted on: 6 September 2019


It's never too early or too late to start caring about the environment and doing your part to make a difference. If you're an adult who is just now getting on board with recycling, you should be very proud of yourself. It takes time to wake up to certain realities but once you do open your eyes and see how you can effect change with your actions, you may want to start by recycling. You understand how vital it is to recycle, but other people in your household might not be as enthusiastic. When you are trying to start a recycling campaign in your very own home here are a few tips to help you get everyone else on board.

Place Colorful Receptacles In High-Traffic Areas

A good way to kick off your recycling efforts is to purchase receptacles that are designed to be decorated. You can usually find these at craft and hobby stores and they probably won't set your pockets back very much. Round out your purchase with a package of felt-tip markers and set a time for the whole clan to get together for a crafting session.

Let each person decorate a different receptacle. One can be designated for scrap metal, another for glass, and the last for plastic. Use vibrant colors and make sure that the label is in very big letters. Once the receptacles are all decked out you can place them in areas of the home where they will be hard to miss. Putting them directly beside the main trash bin might not be too helpful because it's too tempting to just throw everything in that bucket. How about putting them just outside of the doorway to the kitchen? This will serve as a gentle reminder to encourage your crew to place those empty cans, bottles and cartons in the right bucket.

Money Is Almost Always Motivational

You can also fuel everyone's fire by showing them how much money can be made by recycling. Send out playful reminders to your family by email or text, letting them know that the person who puts the most recyclables in the bins will get a cash prize. Then, when it's time to take your scrap metal bucket in let your whole household see the cash haul you make out with. Once they realize that there is money to be made you might find that they beat you to the recycling bins each day.

Recycling can be a great tool for bonding. Get everyone involved and create a healthy habit that should last a long time. Contact a company, like Gutterman Iron & Metal Corp, for more information.