Why Commercial Air Conditioning Recycling Is Good For The Environment

Posted on: 8 February 2023


Your commercial air conditioning system provides cool air for comfort and health during the summer months. While you can maximize its performance and service life by implementing the maintenance requirements contained in the user's manual, AC replacement is inevitable — all AC systems have limited lifespans and will eventually require replacement.

Proper handling and disposal of your old air conditioner are necessary to protect the environment. Air conditioners contain certain hazardous fluids, such as refrigerant gas and compressor oil, that pose threats to the environment if not disposed of in accordance with local government regulations.

Check out the environmental benefits of AC recycling below.

Waste Reduction

As a business owner, you should aim to minimize the volume of waste your business produces. Reducing your business waste not only lowers your waste disposal costs and increases compliance with local regulations but also helps minimize your ecological footprint, promoting sustainability. 

By recycling your AC units, you help reduce the amount of waste your business generates. Consequently, you can build a positive business reputation and gain the trust and confidence of staff, customers, strategic business partners, local, state, federal governments, and other stakeholders.

Material Recovery

Old air conditioners are not worthless. Recycling them presents the opportunity to recover materials for their reuse potential. The oil and refrigerant gas from your old air conditioner will be cleaned, purified, and tested for reuse. If the recovered fluids do not meet industry standards for performance and safety, they'll be disposed of in an environmentally responsible way.

The scrap metal and other valuable materials from the unit will be sent to recycling centers for conversion into recycled content.

Resource Conservation 

Resource conservation is more than just a buzzword for eco-conscious businesses. Businesses that care about the environment walk the talk. If you want to demonstrate your commitment to the resource conservation cause, recycling your air conditioning unit can help.

AC recycling helps to minimize the need for primary production of new refrigerants and oil, which can involve significant use of new resources and result in increased greenhouse gas emissions.

All in all, your business stands to enjoy many benefits by recycling old or obsolete air conditioners. The benefits will help propel the business to greater heights of success. While you may not have the resources and expertise to ensure proper handling and recycling of your air conditioners, an AC recycling company can help.

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