4 Common Pitfalls Of Curbside Recycling

Posted on: 4 October 2018

When you have a curbside recycling bin, it is often tempting to try and recycle things that may not be on the recommended items list. You love the planet, right? Why not recycle the inner plastic bag from your quinoa cereal? In all actuality, recycling is not something that only those who attended the original Woodstock encourage — not anymore.  Jokes aside, it is common for many individuals to be unaware or unsure of what is and is not recyclable through companies like Industrial Services Inc.
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Organization Tips For Dedicated Recycling Enthusiasts

Posted on: 14 July 2018

If you are serious about recycling everything in your home, you will need to get organized. It is very tempting to just toss everything you no longer need in the trash, but it is much harder to separate everything every day and put the reusables back to good use. Know What to Bring The first step in recycling is to find out what your local recycling facilities will accept. There might be certain types of plastics that they do not want.
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How To Make A Mint Selling Copper Pipe To Government Mints

Posted on: 22 April 2018

While it is true that the American copper penny has not been wholly copper for decades, that does not mean that the government does not buy up copper to make its pennies. If you currently buy copper pipes and other copper cast-offs, you can make a mint selling your copper wares to government minting presses. Here is how.  Find the Shiniest and Cleanest of Copper Goods The U.S. mints cannot recycle aged and dirty copper to make pennies.
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4 Tips To Help Make Trash Hauling Easier

Posted on: 25 January 2018

Junk removal or trash hauling is similar to any other service in that you may choose to do it on your own or you may hire a professional to do it for you. Professionals can generally do it quicker and more efficiently; however, people tend to have their individual reasons for wanting it do something themselves, such as to save money. Whatever the case may be as to why you would like to haul your own trash, there are a few things that you should be aware of that can make the process a bit easier.
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